Live bookings

M AGENCY provides the service of matching the right musical input to the imagined concept of the client. With our advised selection of DJ and live entertainment we manage bookings for different clients, locations and settings in order to get the right energy.

At M AGENCY we believe the perfect music setup comes to life by defining the following points:

Who will be attending your event or party? 
The most important thing to find out is what music your audience responds well to. We will be looking into your focus group and give our best advice based on this information. 

What kind of energy is expected?
Every booking has it's own energy, it's own setting. Will it be an energetic party or do people just want to relax and enjoy their drinks over some ambient music. There are a lot of differtent settings and it could change over time during your party or event. 

What do you wish for your audience to experience?
As every host, company, brand, hospitality location, event or party has it's own story to tell and message to send out, we wish to know more about what your aspired goal is for your audience. 

What is the location we will be working with?
As we are determined to set the right mood at any location, we would like to know more about the actual venue or place where your party will be taking place. 

What technical set up would work for my event?
Depending on the location and music entertainment, we can arrange a fitting stage set up for you with our team.

Our service here at M AGENCY is all about being the ultimate manager and matchmaker between you as a client and musical entertainment. We take on the responsibilty for creating the right setup in order to achieve your own goals in entertaining your crowd. 

If you wish for M AGENCY to be of service get in touch here.